About Sankalp


Born out of deep concern for children/persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), Sankalp an Institution involved in remedial instruction to children with disabilities like Dyslexia (Learning Disability) and Autism Spectrum Disorder was set up in 1999 at Chennai under the auspices of the “Sankalp Trust”. The Sankalp Trust is a non-profit organization with 3 Founder Trustees and Four Additional Trustees who are all professionals. Sankalp is a Non-Profitable Charitable Trust and enjoys the benefit of 80G under the income tax rules. The Trust is registered under the National Trust and Commissioner for Disability under Government of Tamil Nadu.

Currently the institution operates from two separate premises.

The Open School for children with Specific Learning Disability (SLD)

The Learning Centre and Special Needs School for children with with ASD, SLD and Global Developmental Delays (GDD). This also includes a Vocational Skill Training Unit.

The Founder Directors Mrs. Lakshmi Krishnakumar, Mrs. Sulata Ajit, and Mrs. Subhashini Rao proactively ensure that the institution has a well-rounded faculty that includes Remedial Teachers, Special Educators, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Vocational trainers and assisting staff. Profiles of the faculty bear a host of competencies that stem from a wide range of educational backgrounds and experience enabling the institution to cater to the varying challenges and developmental requirements of the children under their care. At Sankalp, the teacher student ratio is 1:3. Sankalp conducts Teacher Training programs in Learning Disability and Autism, with the aim of building a cadre of highly trained teachers.

Just as a slow-moving caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, Sankalp believes that special children, given the right inputs, will transform into bright, confident and self-reliant young adults. Sankalp wants to be the cocoon for these children. A truly different special school.

Profile Of Sankalp – Trustees and Directors :

NAME      Profession Position
Dr. Ajit Mullasari   Director- Cardiology
Institute of Cardio Vascular diseases
Madras Medical Mission
Managing and Founder Trustee
N.R. Krishna Kumar CEO and Domain Director
Karminn Consultancy Network (P) Ltd
Founder Trustee
Y.V. Rao   Regional Manager – Retired
Syndicate Bank
Founder Trustee
V.K. Raja Krishnan                                  Chief Executive
Tristar Containers (P) Ltd,
K. Radhakrishnan   CEO (Aligned Business)
Partners, Mumbai.
Vijay Kumar Vaddadi   Special Representative
Netherland Embassies
K.F. Manavalan   Advocate - Madras High Court Trustee
Subhashini Rao   Founder Founder – Emirates Mentor
Sulata Ajit   Founder Director – Special Education
(Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Founder Director
Lakshmi Krishnakumar   Founder Director - Psychologist,
Assessor and Trainer (Specific Learning Disability)
Founder Director
Sumathi Rajakrishnan   Director – Administration Director


"This school is one my main backbone which motivated me to do what I want do and not what others told me to do" - Alumnus


I like both extracurricular activities and academics in Sankalp - Student


Sankalp is the only special school to my knowledge that is providing employment-ready opportunities for a child by including the mothers also in its initiative. This is a great advantage for us parents. - Parent


* To help create a confident child.

* Provide intervention in education and skill training at all levels from Early Childhood to Adulthood through simulated graded work/learning situations.

* Improve learning and working ability thus helping the child succeed in their pursuits.

* Upgrade knowledge and apply it in the teaching methodologies.

* Build lasting relationships with the students, parents and associates.


"We aim to create a learning environment for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Specific Learning Disability to be participatory members of society ."


* To be sensitive to the concerns of parents and work together to earn their trust.

* To trust the inner working of every mind, young and old.

* To honor each learner with respect and dignity, as each one has a different style and pace of learning..