The wide ranging activities of Sankalp Trust towards “children/persons with Autism and Learning Disabilities” since its founding in 1999, was made possible by generous contributions from corporates, friends, foundations, individuals, artistes, parents, teachers, the public and Government grants.

The Sankalp family salutes the generosity of all who are listed and not appearing on the list for having helped us not only financially but through actions and advocacy.

Thank You

Corporate Supporters and Donors

Charitable Trusts

1. DSRBCCC Charities

2. Lodge Harmony No. 217

3. M.L. Sahuwala Charitites

4. Narayana Guruviah Chetty's Estate and Charities

5. P.M.U. Charitable Trust

6. Phil and Mary Clubwala Jadhav Trust

7. Super Gas Foundation

8. Vimal Trust

9. The Polestar Foundation

10. J. Thomas Educational and Benevolent Trust

11. Shiva Sakthi sai Charitable Trust

Individual Donors

1. Mrs.Aravind P. Datar

2. Mr.Benjamin Ninan

3. Mr.C.Vijayakrishna

4. Mrs. Geetha Mohan

5. Mrs.Lakshmi and Mr.Sridhara Panikar

6. Ms.Kalyani Muralidhar Vummadisingh

7. Dr.K Samuel Mathew

8. Prof.M.A.Vijayalakshmi

9. Mr.Natarajan Palaniappan

10. Mr.Niket Anup Shah

11. Mr.Subramanian Pillai Kubher

12. Mrs.V.K. Sharma

13. Mr. B. Vidya Sagar

14. Ms. Vimala

15. Mr. Natarajan Palaniappan

16. Mrs. Malathy

17. Mr and Mrs Gobin Ganguly /chandra Ganguly

18. Mr. K. V. Subramanyam

19. Mr.Chandrasekaharan Kartha

20. Mr. Dinesh Ramu

21. Mr. Amit Singh Baid Mehta

22. Mr. Rajendra Singh Baid Mehta

23. Mr. Ishwara Bhat

24. Mr. Murali Ramakrishnan

25. Mrs.Kanthavathany Selvanathan

26.Mrs Priti Prabhoo

Corporate Donors

1. Gamesa

2. Siemen’s Gamesa

3. A R Foundations

4. Aspire Systems

5. Dr Mohan Diabetes

6. AVA

7. Karur Vyasa Bank

8. Schwing Setter

9. Finolex Industries Ltd

10. GRT Jewellers

11. Kamachi TMT Bars

12. Madhar Sha