Samyukt - (Vocational Training Unit - 18 and Above)


Why Samyukt?

At Sankalp, we believe that our responsibility as facilitators is to create and sustain an effective learning environment for the students, with the ultimate goal of increasing employment opportunities for young adults with Special Educational Needs. Based on the ability of each individual and the consent of the parents of our candidates, ‘SANKALP - Samyukt’ was born in 2018.

In Samyukt we work towards creating a self-sustaining group, of the students together with their parents, who can make products and find a market for them. This gives the students an opportunity to earn an income and become active contributory members of the society.


To train young adults with special needs towards sustainable employment opportunities

To support innovative projects and training for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

To monitor projects and training, leading to income generation and economic independence of the individuals with ASD.

‘Provide varied and Multi-model training based on local/ global market trends and simulated working models for a full fledged production.’

Training process

The training methodology is based on an efficient curriculum which involves a work culture, of discipline, pre and post organizational skill, accepted social skills and self-discipline. Various goals are set and students are expected to work in a structured manner. A separate time table is created for each student.

Course Activities

In order to achieve the objectives of this project the training happens in a working atmosphere that is similar to what prevails in the outer world, thus helping the candidate get accustomed to the expected working culture. The main activities/ skills that we can train students in are as follows :

Data Entry
Leaf Ware and Eco-friendly Tableware Manufacturing
Soap Making
Paper Product Production
Bead Craft
Flour and Masala Production


To measure the progress of each candidate quarterly assessments are conducted. These assessments are carried out in a method that gives tangible results.


Machinery and equipment are adapted or customized according to the trainee's requirement in order to facilitate trouble free and successful time bound training.


We have a group of highly experienced and skilled trainers to impart and share their knowledge on the varied skills. We also organize lectures and demonstrations by inviting specialists as guest speakers.


To create more awareness and varied exposure, field visits are organized and on the job training is arranged. Based on the competency level of the student and intensive research done on the employment opportunities for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, different models of employment are recommended:

Home Based Employment

Parents’ Cooperative

Family Enterprise

Job Work (Part time/full time)

Open Placement

These different models include planning meetings, technical expert meetings, training workshops, case studies and at a later stage follow up and evolution meeting.