Sahayika - (Skill Training Unit)


SAHAYIKA is a comprehensive IN- HOUSE SKILLS TRAINING module with a fully developed curriculum for students from 14 to 18 years. This is a structured course conducted in a simulated setting focusing towards

Job Work

Full-fledged production and packing

Manufacture of corporate level gifts


Objectives of the Course

To ensure by the end of the training, the candidate can acquire an adequate amount of skills to become economically independent

To become a socially accepted person in the community and society


The methodology adopted to impart the different skills is particularly appropriate for the candidates whose academic levels may be limited as well as for those whose functional competency is high with a passion to learn applicable skills.

The course is based on a cooperative learning method in a simulated setting and is designed to apply practical work skills that enhance learning while working.

The trainees are placed in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

Students get graded exposure to all the areas of Production/ Manufacture, Assembly and Packing, according to their individual level of performance.


Sahayika has fully trained resource personnel, in the form of trainers, facilitators and moderators with vast experience in the field of Special Education and Rehabilitation


The course is scheduled within the normal school timings, Monday through Friday. The duration of training for each student will vary based on their individual potential.


Specially designed aids for skill development

Comfortable, Ergonomically designed furniture and free flow of work space

Child safe materials

Machinery and tools with adaptations for trouble free functioning

Designer products that match with the current market trend both locally and globally



A half-yearly evaluation on the program of skills development is conducted with proper and measurable indicators.

SPinS (Sahayika Products in Sankalp) products are the result of the training imparted in Sahayika.